“Future meets Classic”, Mercedes-Benz is 3D Printing Genuine Replacement Parts for Classic Cars

Anyone who owns a classic old car will know the irritating and oftentimes expensive process of searching for replacement parts. coque iphone coque samsung The reason for this irritation is that many parts for antique cars aren’t manufactured anymore and therefore, are incredibly hard to come by. goed hoesje coque iphone Thankfully, additive manufacturing has presented itself as an effective solution for producing out-of-production components. coque huawei Mercedes-Benz has been utilizing 3D printing technology to offer replacement prints for its cars since 2016. bijoux pas cher coque samsung coque samsung Now, the German automotive pioneer has developed a line of 3D printed replacement parts that have passed its strict quality assurance with flying colors. coque huawei 3D printing technology enables the luxury car manufacturer to create small quantities of a part only when needed, saving a lot of money for both the company and customer. coque samsung Furthermore, prints can be complex and made to look exactly like the originals, while also taking much less time to produce. coque huawei This allows Mercedes-Benz to maintain the genuine quality of parts and authenticity of its legendary brand.

Spark plug holder from the tool kit of the Mercedes-Benz 198 model series (coupé and roadster), also suitable for other model series. It is available again as a genuine replacement part and can be obtained from any authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer via the Classic Center. coque huawei The spark plug holder is manufactured from high-quality plastic with the help of 3D printing.

To create the replacements, the team first starts by creating a 3D dataset. coque iphone coque samsung Depending on how old the original parts were, they need to do this from 2D drawings. goed hoesje After the 3D models have been created, the team uses a sintering or smelting powder bed printing process. collier argent This process means it’s possible to create parts with various materials, including both plastics and metals.

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