GE Healthcare software for medical 3D models

GE Healthcare has announced a partnership with VA Puget Sound Health Care System to accelerate the use of 3D imaging and 3D printed anatomical models for medical applications. iphone case VA Puget Sound Health Care System is a government-run healthcare program for veterans serving states in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. coque samsung coque huawei GE Healthcare has signed onto a research collaboration which will see the company provide 3D software and work stations to the VA, which will in turn provide feedback on the technologies back to GE. coque huawei coque huawei iphone case Notably, the software provided by GE Healthcare is designed specifically for medical applications and for preparing 3D printable models. iphone case coque huawei The integration of this platform at the VA Puget Sound Health Care System will mark its first time using 3D software specifically for the medical sector. coque iphone coque huawei With the technology, the partners are hopeful the VA will drastically reduce the time needed to create 3D models, from hours to mere minutes. coque samsung coque huawei coque iphone Through the partnership, the VA and the Veterans Health Administration Innovators Network will integrate GE Healthcare’s AW VolumeShare workstations with 3D printing software at facilities in Seattle, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Cleveland and Salt Lake City. bracelet bijoux bijoux personnalise bracelet bijoux Once implemented, medical professionals and radiologists specializing in various medical areas will use the software to develop new 3D imaging approaches to improve custom care for veterans. coque huawei coque samsung By adding GE Healthcare’s 3D imaging software tools to its facilities, VA Puget Sound will be better equipped to produce 3D printed anatomical models based on patient-specific CT or MRI data.

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