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Headquarter: Stockholm, Sweden

Revenues (2017):  90.905 billion SEK

Operating income (2017): 18.098 billion SEK

Employees (2017): 43000


Sandvik is a worldwide company operating nowadays in three different business areas: Machining Solution, Mining Technology and Advanced Materials.[1] Sandvik was founded in 1862 in Sweden with a core business based on steel production on industrial scale; the Sandvik growth continues and after 1984 the company changed the internal organization moving its interests on more sectors and business areas with a workforce of about 43.000 employees.

Sandvik Machining Solutions with the support of Sandvik Coromat is specialized in tools for cutting, drilling and milling specific for metal surfaces;[2]

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology offer a series of solutions, services and innovative products for the mining sector;[3]

Sandvik Materials Technology is a developer and manufacturer of advanced stainless steels and special alloys oriented to R&D and innovation with high-level performances to satisfy a wide range of customers.[4] Based on 150-year material knowledge and in-house powder manufacturing capabilities, Sandvik is an expert at matching material to the application. The company offers the widest range of alloys around and can even customize materials. At Sandvik additive manufacturing center they have experience from a wide range of materials for additive manufacturing, such as tool steels, including maraging steels, Stainless steels and duplex steels, high-temperature materials, nickel-based alloys, titanium alloys, high-entropy alloys, high-speed steels, cemented carbides.